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Quality is the key factor that have enabled us to ride high on the strides of the success. We follow a well defined quality management system as per ISO and have also acquired license for hume pipes & RCC pressure pipes as per IS 458 standard. Our quality assurance plan is laid according to Beaurau of Indian Standards. The different stages of quality control includes the following :

  • Raw Material Inspection : Raw materials such as cement, steel, stone blast & sand are procured from established vendors base. These raw materials inspected at arrival on our factory site. The materials are sent to manufacturing unit only after approval of quality controllers.

  • In Process Quality Control : The manufacturing is done under the strict supervision of highly qualified engineers. In the process, we conduct variety of tests such as slump test, compressure strength and concrete internal finish.

  • Final Testing : We conduct rigorous testing for every batch of products at random, to ensure that the entire batch complies with international standards. Various tests conducted at our facility include the following for precise assessment of our RCC based

  1. Dimensions Check
  2. Three Edge Bearing Load Test
  3. Hydrostatic Test
  4. Permeability Test


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